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Best Credit Card Processing Solutions for Business in 2015

Credit Card Processing Solutions For Small Business

We offer credit card processing services for B2B, B2G, Enterprise, medium, and small sized businesses and everything in between. It is hard to imagine a modern business being able to grow without the capability of accepting electronic payments such as credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and others. Before you can start taking credit card payments you will need to set up a merchant account with a payment acquirer either directly or through an independent sales organization or referral partner. Usually, these are local and national banks or credit card machine and ATM machine operators.

Low Cost Credit Card Processing

It is important that you understand that not all merchant services or merchant accounts are created equal! The more steps between you and the payment processor, the higher the rates will be. That is because every organization along the way is going to tag a small percentage to the transaction. If you are accepting several thousands of dollars in credit card transactions per month this fee could add up to thousands of dollars. When you deal with you are dealing as close as possible to a merchant service provider. First Data is not just any merchant services provider but the largest in the world. Our buying and negotiating power with Visa, Master Card and even American Express allows us to give our clients, even those involved in high-risk transaction, a better rate and bigger savings.

Flagship Merchant Services

Small Business owners often wonder what's the best credit card processor for small businesses! At First Data we pride ourselves on being more than just a credit card processing merchant for small businesses. As a matter of fact we prefer to be referred to as an all-in-one payment processing solution that has everything you need to accept credit cards, manage and promote your small business. As the largest credit card processor in the industry we cannot only guarantee you the lowest rate but also back it up with an industry leading support team that only First Data can provide.

So what are you waiting for? Our dedicated team of experts is ready to hear from you and assemble a custom solution for your business. Yes, you read correctly! At First Data we don't believe in a one size fits all payment processing service. We offer unlimited combination of feature rich devices and solution customizable to fit specific trades and business models. Merchant Services powered by First Data offers the following credit card processing terminal solutions:

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Virtual Terminals

A virtual terminal is basically the internet base option to a standard credit card terminal. It's a web base application that is hosted online, usually on the service provider's servers, and can be accessed from any computers, tablet, or smart phone with internet access. This is a solution ideal for clients with POS systems without integrated pay processing or for those with very a low credit card volume.

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Wireless Terminals

With all of the credit card security issue facing consumers today more and more people are reluctant to leave their credit cards out of site. With First Data Wireless Terminal you are able to process payment right in front of your customer. This type of credit card processing terminal is ideal for restaurants and any other type of payment processing situation where you walk up to the client to take an order.    

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Mobile Terminals

With a Mobile Terminal solution from First Data you no longer have to wait to get paid or be limited to the type of payment you can accept on the go, during deliveries or at outdoor events. By leveraging mobile POS capabilities, offered by First Data, you can provide your customers with the convenience they demand, protected by the industry-leading security technology you expect. 

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Wired Terminals

Today there are many options for credit cards. However, a wired credit card payment terminal is still the go-to solution for the majority of businesses. Wired credit card payment terminals are simple to use and can work with either an analog telephone line or via an internet connection. With a First Data wired credit card payment terminal you will be able to accept debit cards, credit cards, gift cards and electronic checks.  

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Clover POS

If you are a new business looking for a state of the art POS system or an existing small business looking to improve on your current payment processing solution, let us introduce you to Clover! The Clover POS station is a dynamically controlled system, designed with small businesses in mind. Unlike many POS system on the market today, the Clover Station is an intuitive, easy to use point of sale and inventory control system designed to improve your business efficiency with customizable features that meet your needs.