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Credit Card & Payment Processing Solutions

Credit Card & Payment Processing Solutions

Merchant Services powered by First Data offers a range of services for small businesses, large businesses, Financial Institutions, Government and Other Enterprises and Industries. Even if you operate an online business our Merchant Service solutions can help make running it easier. The way we conduct business is changing pretty quickly and with the use of our Merchant Services your processes can be simplified, thus allowing your business to grow as fast as it can. Any of our solutions below will make it easier for you to be more efficient with your customer relationships and consequently boosting your profits.

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Clover Mini

So you started a new business or just finished a brand-new renovation and your old credit card machine is just not cutting it! Well, consider the Clover Mini; a state-of-the-art, flexible, and slick payment processing terminal that goes way beyond the payment process. Upgradable to a small POS and mobile pay ready, the Clover Mini is as sophisticated as it is good looking.

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Clover Mobile

Sometimes you need more than just a stationary payment processing terminal; with the Clover Mobile you have the freedom to operate your business on the go with no problems. The Clover Mobile is a powerful business tool with available apps that allow you to take orders on site, manage inventory, manage scheduling, and even track tables and employees.

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Clover POS Station

The Clover Station does not only look like a state-of-the-art machine, it actually is! Built with high-value and growth in mind the Clover Station has the capability of managing your entire business. It is easy to set up and it can have you up, running and improving your business' efficiency in no time. It is not only a payment processor but it can also manage employees, inventory, and promote your business and much more.

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Clover Go

With this device, the Clover Go, it's easier and safer to take your business where your customers are located. All that's required is the access to Wi-Fi or a cellular connection and you can accept payments from your clients on the go.  The Clover Go device is secure and reliable; it can accept debit and credit cards transactions, even EMV chip cards, directly from your mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet. 

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Gyft for Business

This is actually an App that can be downloaded and used with one of the Clover Solution mentioned above.  It's a digital platform whereby your customers can purchase or even redeem digital gift cards directly from their phones.  These cards can be happy birthday cards, anniversary cards, thank you cards, etc. Whatever the type, the process is very simple; and you can have the program up and running with no hassle in just a few minutes. 

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Insightics (Sales Data Analytics)

This is an analytical solution for small business and is easy to use to use. Insightics is software that makes it easy for business owners to tract sales trends and figure out what products or services sells best. With this information easily available you are able to identify prospective ways of growing your business. It's very easy to use this software and the good thing is that it works with any POS terminal or system. Having all that knowledge at your fingertips is power. 

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Payeezy (Online Sales Made Easy!)

If you have an online eCommerce business then Payeezy is perfect for you. It is a dynamic eCommerce solution you can use to easily grow your online sales. With Payeezy you will have everything you need to grow you online presence; a seamless customer experience, several payment options, state of the art security, and easy interaction all guaranteed to boost sales and improve your online presence.  

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Perka (Loyalty and Marketing Solution)

This software operates like a digital marketing program. With Perka, you can build your own customer loyalty and reward program as it works with any POS terminal or system. It is a one of the easiest way to market your business, by connecting with customers via their phones, you can entice them to make purchases or use your service through special offers and rewards they will appreciate. You can turn an irregular buyer into a loyal customer making regular purchases.

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With TelCheck, you can process checks and ACH (automatic clearing house) payments in a way that works for your business. This solution uses risk assessment technology and extensive consumer databases to reduce risk with payment acceptance.  With multiple options (like smartphone transactions), payments can be funded electronically and can be guaranteed against chargeback—all at a cost that is typically lower than card acceptance, and with a higher approval rate.

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Apple Pay

Now, with Apple Pay, consumers are ready to tap and pay anywhere contactless payments are accepted. First Data continues to drive innovation with powerful, integrated solutions so financial institutions and merchants of all sizes can bring new and exciting contactless payment options to their customers safely, securely and effortlessly.