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Our website is a venture between One Payment Inc. and Vertical Marketing LLC. For years the merchant services industry has been dominated by small local brokers who rely on cold calling, soliciting, and hard sale tactics to acquire clients. As the largest independent sale office for First Data in the US we felt that we did not have to play this game; we did not have to mislead our clients or bother them during business hours. We just needed to make you aware of what we have to offer. So we contacted one of the most successful web design and marketing agencies in Miami, Vertical Marketing LLC, to develop this website.

Our Mission:

Our goal is simple; communicate to the general public what makes us different and what makes us the best! With First Data we know that getting the clients to come on board is all about the facts and not the sale! If lower credit card transaction cost and bigger profits is what you are seeking for your business, we can provide that to you! As the largest payment processing provider in the world getting you the right deal is not a question but a fact.

Whether you are a new business or an established one, whether you are low risk or high risk, whether your monthly credit card transaction amount to one thousand dollar or one million; with First Data you not only have a merchant service provider but a business solution partner that is always looking after your best interest! From low credit card transaction rates to state of the art payment solution; if you have a need we'll work with you to find an efficient solution.