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One of the biggest concerns customers have when purchasing business equipment like POS systems and credit card machines is support. Especially when the company is one of the largest merchant services providers in the industry. For years multi-national companies have relied on off-shore tech support sub-contractors that, regardless of their best effort, lack the communication skills to effectively help clients in need. With First Data there is no need to worry about that. We have made it a policy to have our field operatives include their cell phone contact, not only on our agreement but also their business cards. If you are an existing client and have a question for our administrative team please use the contact form below. If you are a merchant in need of technical support, our US based team is waiting to help. Here are some of the most important numbers you need to know.

Credit Card Processing Support:

Toll Free (877) 274-7915

American Express Processing Support:

Tall Free (800) 528-5200

Clover POS Systems Support:

Toll Free (855) 853-8340
Website -

Perka (Loyalty Program) Support:

Toll Free (888) 957-3752
Website -

Gyft (Gift Corticated Program) Support:

Toll Free (855) 290-7261
Website -

Insightics (Business Analytics) Support:

Toll Free (800) 352-3428
Website -

Payeezy (eCommerce Solutions) Support:

Toll Free (855) 448-3493
Website -

For additional support:

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